Pioneer Machine, Inc.

31 Harding Road - Albion, ME 04910 - (207) 437-9281

About Us

Located in Albion, Maine, Pioneer Machine Inc. was founded in 1985 and incorporated in 1986.

Pioneer Machine is a small, but highly capable manual machine shop with a 7,200 sq. ft. facility, providing friendly and personal customer service with great value. Pioneer is one of the few shops that offer combined capabilities from working on farm or marine equipment to small hydraulics; or from prototype experiments to the manufacturing of complete machines.

Pioneer Machine is one of the most versatile manual machine shops in Maine. Manufacturing and manual machining is a highly specialized field. The complex process of analyzing the blueprint, configuring the workflow, and using several machines to manufacture the final part requires skilled artisans and years of knowledge and experience.

Our employees are dedicated, highly skilled machinists with experience and education in the machining and hydraulic fields. Our expert machinists are the backbone of our machine shop and most of our employees have been employed at Pioneer for 30 years or longer. This level of expertise, coupled with a full spectrum of equipment, enables us to provide our customers unparalleled service and quality workmanship.

By combining best practices from decades of hands-on experience, extreme attention to detail, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality; Pioneer has made customer service a priority since the beginning.

Reasons to Choose Pioneer Machine, Inc.

  • We routinely work to .0005 tolerance
  • Highly skilled welders
  • Low volume, single piece, prototype machining, "one-off specials" typical of a manual machine shop
  • Fabrication, repair, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities
  • Fast turnaround times - saving you money
  • Quality, expertise workmanship
  • Flexibility to manufacture parts when no prints exist
  • Large inventory of hydraulic packing kits, seals, fittings, hose, hydraulic tubing, pipe, and adapters
  • Large inventory of chrome plated rod, hydraulic tubing, steel (HR and CR), aluminum, stainless steel, alloys, plastics, and cast iron

Steven and MarleneSteven, President and General Manager and Marlene, Treasurer and Accounts Manager