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Seals, Hoses, Fittings & Adapters

A leaking hose can quickly shut down an operation, directly affecting your bottom line. Pioneer Machine offers Parker hoses with a variety of pressure ratings and temperature capabilities. We also have the capability to quickly fabricate custom hose assemblies to your specifications.

No matter what your industry is, seals are a product that customers often need on short notice. Additionally, Pioneer carries a variety of hydraulic fittings and adapters to keep your equipment up and running. That’s why we carry an extensive in-house inventory; to be ready at a moment’s notice for your hydraulic repairs at some of the lowest costs around.

Pioneer Machine carries American and Metric O-rings, back-up rings, buffer seals, piston seals, rod seals, U-CUPS, vee sets, wear guides, wipers, and kits.

1---Hydraulic-packing-kits.jpgHydraulic-packing-kits.jpgParker hydraulic fitingsParker hydraulic fitings



Parker hydraulic fitings of many sizes availableHydraulic seals

Parker hoses of many sizes availableParker hoses of many sizes available