Pioneer Machine, Inc.

31 Harding Road - Albion, ME 04910 - (207) 437-9281


Pioneer Machine manufactures, assembles, and repairs machines for the manufacturing, food processing, and packaging industries. Our machines are built to exceed the demands of the customer’s job. Pioneer's machinery includes feed conveyors, product pushers, row pullers, tray stackers, packing conveyors, and product tippers.

Product conveyor and stackerProduct conveyor and stacker

Small Lug feed conveyorSmall Lug feed conveyorParts to a bundle tipperParts to a bundle tipper


Product elevator roller assemblyProduct elevator roller assembly

Conveyor and stackerConveyor and stacker

Part to a product pusherPart to a product pusher

Sterilizing vesselSterilizing vessel

Pulp slidePulp slide