Pioneer Machine, Inc.

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General Repair

Pioneer specializes in rebuilding, modifying, and repairing your components. Often, all you need is the services of a quality machine repair shop like Pioneer Machine to repair your components.

Many times, when something goes wrong with your machinery your first thoughts are how long your equipment will be down or how much new equipment will cost. We have quick turn-around times and great prices for exceptional quality work. If you’re in need of immediate or emergency repairs, call us and we’ll work with you to get fix your equipment and reduce your downtime!

As a job shop, we repair and manufacture parts for our customers by utilizing conventional equipment and innovative problem solving to meet the diverse need of our customers.

Repair of farming equipmentRepair of farming equipment

Stainless steel diamond plate unit on a fire truckStainless steel diamond plate unit on a fire truck


Repair to special flangeRepair to special flange

Repairs to a sonar buoyRepairs to a sonar buoy